Integrative Healing

A 8-month comprehensive and extensive, multi-discipline training course in trauma, chronic stress, mental health, sexuality, embodiment and relationships.

A 8-month transformational training course designed to take you on a deep inner journey of self-healing and discovery, where you truly understand the term integrative healing and what this looks like in your life and body. 

Integrative Healing was born from the concept that synergy and unity makes us stronger than when seperate. Integrative means “combining two or more things in order to form an [more – in my opinion] effective unit or system.” This is why this course teaches multiple modalities, has mutliple facilitators, and a wide variety of students. We truly see this course as a map to healing, as we journey from the phsyical body to the energetic.

In this training course you will be provided with practical and effective methods to fully synthesise your physical, nutritional, emotional, spiritual, and energetic health – all wrapped up into a transformational four month process. The course is a balance between life-chaning theory, practice and tools that you will use for life. This is because we believe is the power of EXPERIENCE to shift and change what is not working for you right now.

Integrative healing is an all encompassing method to help us shed the past, so we can rise and become to alchemists of our lives.

Are you ready to transform your pain into pleasure, trauma into triumphs, and blockages into blessings? If you are, this is the course for you.

Applications close September 10th 2021.

For a more personal experience you can book a complimentary discovery call here with Jana completely for FREE, where she guide you through the best packages and options to suit you (ps you are not tied into anything by booking a call).

The course begins September 22nd 2021

Have you been impacted by trauma (we all have) and chronic stress but do not understand fully understand it or how to remedy it?

Are you ready to educate yourself and take responsibility for your healing?

Do you want a more comprehensive and complete picture of health and healing? 

Do you see the limitations of your healing modality, want to learn new tools, further your education and take your work to the next level? 

Are you ready to take the journey from the physical to the energetic?

Are you fed up with superficial bandaid solutions? Are you ready to do the deeper inner healing work and start your journey of self-discovery?

Has shamanic medicine been calling you, but you have not known where to start?

Have you experienced a chronic period of stress and your body does not feel like it used to, but you do not know how to get your health back?

Are you on the brink of burnout, but terrified of stopping because you have so many things to do? Is your life dictated by a to-do list? Have you forgotten what it is to have fun for funs sake? 

Are you unaware that you are continuously repeating patterns that are not serving you? Do these patterns affect your relationships, living authentically or creating a life that you deeply desire? 

Do you self-sabotage? Are you willing to change? Do you want to know how?

Are you a high achiever with huge goals, who wants to reach for the stars, but knows it is taking its toll on your body?

Do you want to have it all: purpose and health? Do you want to have it all without burning out?

Are you ready to...

– Learn about trauma, chronic stress, anxiety and get your vitality back

Balance your hormones and have a regular healthy cycle again

– Create your own bio-individual diet to fit your needs to support your mental health, and dynamic lifestyle

– Learn how to cultivate SPACIOUSNESS in your life and how to live in synchronisation with your cycles

– Release emotions and trauma from the body

– Start to discover true intimacy and authentic relating

– Awaken your sexual energy and cultivate the power of the feminine in to your life (allowing, opening and receiving)

– Observe and pick up on fear-based conditioning in your life and reprogram your subconscious mind

– Make unconscious relationship patterns conscious and step out of drama and codependent relationships

– Dive into shamanic medicine

– To be able to help you or your clients on a deeper and more comprehensive level

Course Content

Part 1 – The Physical Body

Understanding the impact of stress and trauma on the physical body

How to heal from stress, anxiety and trauma

Understanding the hormonal system and its importance in our health 

How to heal and balance your hormones

The food mood connection

What is a balanced diet?

Creating your own bio-individual diet

Comprehensive Health Analysis test results

Time to buy products and make the necessary dietary changes 

Part 2 – The Emotional and Mental Body

Rituals and routines

Doing less as a lifestyle – gratitude list, should vs could and stop/keep/start

Stress stoppers (an introduction to mindfulness, pranayama, nature connection, channel your creativity and yin yoga)

The menstrual cycle and stress management within business and leadership

Emotional release and the body

Trauma release and the nervous system

How to be your own therapist and movement as medicine

Part 3 – The Soul Body

How to heal vaginal infections

Sexual healing and de-armouring

Connection with the womb

What is the divine feminine and masculine energy and how to activate and balance both. How living more in our feminine can open us up to a more abundant (time, joy, love, money) lifestyle

The drama triangle

Shadow work

Creating a healthy relationship with the Self


The abandonment wound

Anxious and avoidant attachment

Healing with the inner child

Part 4 – The Energetic Body

An introduction to shamanism

Chakras and the energetic body

Reprogramming the subconscious mind

Fire and forgiveness

Techniques to become the conscious creator of your life and empower your clients to do the same

8 comprehensive modules each teaching the content through videos, audios and PDFs 

Lifetime access to all content & facebook community

20 live group workshops diving deep in to each module run by me or specialists

Guest workshops by leaders in their field (e.g. sexuality, relationships, shamanism and menstrual intimacy)

Practical applications & practice sessions to make the course more than theory and start integrating it into your life

Supportive and private Facebook community

Concrete framework to focus and bring together your healing journey


Comprehensive Health Analysis and personalised protocol 

Gina Frances

Gina guides you to form sacred connection to your womb space, to honour your inner seasons with cyclical wisdom, to sync your business with your menstrual cycle, and to lead in life with love. She cracks through the veils of illusion painted on your eyes that have you doubting showing up for the very thing you know you’re here for. Gina is the visionary’s doula; holding accountability to your mission with divine feminine vision - the new way of birthing business through pleasure.

Shani Emily Hutton

Shani is the founder of Native Nude. Native Nude is passionate about reclaiming and celebrating pleasure and power. A space of embodiment and unapologetic expression of self. A journey of returning to the entire expansion of the pleasure and power that is a birthright, building connection and trust with instinctual body wisdom and living a life that truly turns you on. Native Nude focuses on empowering those called to explore and expand their natural ecstasy through authentic Native Nude Pleasure Wands™️, Yoni Eggs, Earth Wisdom, Rewilding Rituals and Guidance Calls. True transformation happens when we come home to the body. A remembering. A reclamation.

Inga Koller

Inga is a Paris- based artist and breathwork facilitator. She is also a certified Yoga teacher and has done multiple trainings in meditation, hypnotherapy, trance, somatic healing and personal development. Originally from Germany, she is a natural- born storyteller and loves transmitting and expressing what is touching her her via music, theatre and dance. At first, she simply used breathwork as a physical, mental and emotional preparation before going on stage. She not only noticed an huge improvement in her performances but also the great impact in her personal life as a human being and as a woman. What used to be a backstage training became her profession today when Inga learned the method PSYCHEDELIC BREATH® in Berlin that combines ancient yogic wisdom, latest findings in neuroscience and the finest electronic music. "Breath is the bridge between the body, mind, heart and soul. It feels like a coming home to yourself and to deeply connect with who you truly are."

Craig Barlow

Craig works within the Masculine and Feminine energetic dynamics. He helps you transform the root-cause universal core-wounds that we all carry, that are related to our previous maladaptive experiences of the masculine and feminine. Understanding these core wounds, and energetic dynamics, helps you draw upon wider aspects of the feminine & masculine. When you embody new and healthier aspects of these energies it helps you build more deeply connected and intimate relationships, firstly with yourself, and then with others in our communities. Craig helps you strip away old patterns and what no longer serves so you move forward, and create healthier relationships in your life.

Chris Waters

Chris Waters is a shamanic practitioner, earth keeper, healer and teacher, founder of Spirit of the Inca School of Energy Medicine in the UK and Medicina Samanica School of Energy Medicine in Romania. Her training in the field of healing began more than 35 years ago. In the beginning her focus was on healing the physical body; teaching yoga and practicing massage and reflexology, from there she learned that the mind and emotions play their part in healing, and then following the path less travelled, she found that the soul’s journey was a vital part in any healing process, helping people to rediscover meaning and purpose in their lives. Finally, the path led her to the energy medicine of the Inca people. She trained with Dr. Alberto Villoldo, and there she discovered the final piece; that it is the energy body that holds the template for health and wellbeing; the imprints of how we live, how we age, how we heal and how, ultimately, we die. After some years as a senior teacher for the Four Winds, she founded her own school.

Tamsin Willis

Tamsin is an avid believer of healing through movement and that self discipline is key. After years of being a cardio junkie she realised that even though she loved it, her body didn’t respond to it well. Her mother introduced her to yoga and she soon discovered the powerful connection between the mind and body and went on to complete a 200hr Classical Hatha Yoga teacher training. Since then she has moved from the UK to the South of Spain where she chose to live a more yin lifestyle, recognising it is about working smarter, not harder. Tamsin currently teaches Hatha yoga 1:1 and also Rainbow Kids Yoga in a local Montessori centre, where she teaches English through yoga and movement. She believes teaching kids in this way helps to create better little humans to lead us into a healthier more natural future.

I'm ready to invest...

Full Training

– Private online portal with all teaching materials (lifetime access)

– Daily practices page to help you bridge the knowing/doing gap

– 20 x 2-4 hour workshops teaching all the course content. An equal mix of theory, practice & integration

– Integration weeks to recap and embody all of the healing practices

– Private facebook community to support you in your healing journey (life time access)

Full Training and Comprehensive Health Analysis

– Private online portal with all teaching materials (lifetime access)

– Daily practices page to help you bridge the knowing/doing gap

– 20 x 2-4 hour workshops teaching all the course content. An equal mix of theory, practice & integration

– Integration weeks to recap and embody all of the healing practices

– Private facebook community to support you in your healing journey (life time access)

– Comprehensive Health Analysis included. This is full body health analysis to tell us what is in balance, and what is not. This gives us an idea of what is going on hormonally and nutritionally, which is useful for our first two modules.

– A personalised protocol written for you to go with your test results.

VIP Training

– Private online portal with all teaching materials (lifetime access)

– Daily practices page to help you bridge the knowing/doing gap

– 20 x 2-4 hour workshops teaching all the course content. An equal mix of theory, practice & integration

– Integration weeks to recap and embody all of the healing practices

– Private facebook community to support you in your healing journey (life time access)

– Comprehensive Health Analysis included. This is full body health analysis to tell us what is in balance, and what is not. This gives us an idea of what is going on hormonally and nutritionally, which is useful for our first two modules.

– A personalised protocol written for you to go with your test results.

– Eight 1:1 sessions.

– Exclusive access to private support via whatsapp messages.

– Frequency medicine

This program is for anyone who is really serious about their health. It is designed to apply on yourself OR on your clients. No previous experience necessary

A lifetime access guaranteed! As soon as you say yes to your healing, the program is available to you forever across all your devices

This course has been consciously designed for your satisfaction, if you are not feeling satisfied with your purchase, please contact us within 10 days of purchase and we will talk about ways to better your experience. No refund policy.

The group session times will be emailed to you two weeks before we start. We do it this way so we can take into consideration everyone’s timezone and make sure that as many of you can make it as possible. For those of you who cannot make it, the recorded sessions will be uploaded after every group call.

  • A Facebook group is established for all the people going through the course. This is the best place to ask questions and share experiences since Jana regularly tends to the group.
  • There are also monthly group Q&A calls where you can ask any questions.
  • If you have any urgent, private or other enquiries you can also email infointegrativehealing@gmail.com
  • If you are a VIP client you will also have 4 private 1:1 sessions with Jana and access to a private chat

You can email infointegrativehealing@gmail.com for more information regarding the course or message Jana directly (@janaalonsoba). 

Jana is an English-Spanish chronic stress, trauma and mental health specialist. She has spent the last 9 years studying and working with mental health, in particular how to come back from chronic stress, anxiety and trauma. She has trained and is qualified in psychology, advanced nutrition, yoga and shamanic medicine. Her journey started when she was diagnosed with severe depression, social anxiety and an eating disorder in 2011. After 3 years of following conventional advice, finishing her psychology degree and taking medication she decided to take things into her own hands. This was, and still is, the best decision she has ever made.

The 7 years following this she realised to truly heal, we must go deeper than psychology, and truly connect with our body. She trained in integrative nutrition, yoga, meditation, trauma release, embodiment and shamanism. She realised the power of integrative medicine and using a multi levelled approach to health and healing. She believes that we are multi levelled beings and must be treated this way, because quite frankly, a reductionist approach does not work. This is what she teaches clients, students (at the university where she teaches) and other practitioners. Jana understands that healing is a journey of self-discovery, radical honesty, vulnerability and deep self-compassion. This journey begins when you stop looking outside yourself for healing or blame, and start taking responsibility for your life and health. She understands this is a lifelong journey that she wants to initiate you on.

Her primary fascination is trauma, chronic stress and over-work on the body. This is because she has been through all three that resulted in burnout, hormone havoc and struggling to get out of bed. She knows what it is like when you feel like you are fighting against your body everyday and is extremely aware of the impact that modern living and chronic productivity can have on our bodies. She is extremely passionate about teaching women to reach for their dreams and align with their souls purpose, whilst still maintaining health and vitality. It has a lot to do with balance, boundaries and self-healing. (Yes, to all of you super women out there, you don’t have to constantly give and do too much). Trauma affects us all, whether we know it or not, it underpins everything; how we perceive the world, our relationships and what we think is possible in our life. Going back and doing the trauma work stops us being stuck in repetitive patterns that don’t serve us and helps us break free to create a new reality, a new story.

This is designed as a course for people who are wanting to take their healing deeper and really know themselves, but also for people who work within integrative health who keep finding dead ends when working with their clients. She used to always feel that she was building a puzzle, but missing a piece. She didn’t know what the piece was until she started working from all four bodies (physical, emotional and mental, the soul’s body and the energetic), here things started making sense, here she started seeing real results. So she put it all together for you all, 10 years worth of experience, of practice and training. This is her gift to you, and will be your gift to others. We become healers by walking the same path and leading by example.

In love and healing

Jana Alonso

Integrative Health Expert

Training and Experience

Certified in: Bsc Psychology, SNHS Dip. Advanced Nutrition, SNHS Dip. Holistic Nutrition, 200hr Yoga Teacher Training & The Medicine Wheel (Shamanic medicine training)

Other training: conscious relationships, embodiment, emotional release, energetic medicine and tremor release