Hi, I'm Jana.

I would love to help you cultivate clarity, calmness & vitality after overwork, trauma & chronic stress.

Throughout 7 Days, 7 Videos & 7 Practices

Do you experience severe PMS & PMDD before your cycle?

Do you fear your cycle, and feel that every month it takes away from your wellbeing?

Have you gone through a period of stress & suddenly had a change in weight gain/loss?

(specifically around your waist & under your arms) without any explanation)

Have you noticed a slow energy decline and find yourself constantly feeling tired, but wired?

Has your sleeping become irregular & disturbed with waking during the night & never waking up feeling refreshed? 

Do you laugh less than you used to?

You aren’t sure when it happened, but life definitely feels less bright than it used to?

Maybe you have stopped feeling at all? Not sadness, nor joy, not really anything?

Have you experienced a chronic period of stress and your body doesn’t feel like it used to, but you don’t know how to get your health back?

Are you on the brink of burnout, but terrified of stopping because you have so many things to do?

Is your life dictated by a to-do list? Have you forgotten what it is to have fun for the sake of fun? 

Do you want to have it all without burning out?

Are you aware that you are continuously repeating toxic patterns?

Do you feel like you’re trapped in your mind, do you really want to break free, but you don’t know how?

When you think about life, do you think: “I thought it would be better than this?”

Are you ready to change & get the magic & joy back?

Would you love to...

Understand how trauma, prolonged stress & doing too much can put a huge weight on the body.

Transform your nutrition & daily routines to boost your mood.

Learn practical tools to help you find calm & clarity in your day-to-day life.

Reconnect with your power, realise that you actually have control over your health & can get your joy back.

Learn about energetic medicine, and the energy body. We are far more than phsyical beings. True health comes from understanding that.

Come back from trauma/stress & burnout to feel fresh & full of vitality again.

Hi, I am Jana and I am so happy you found me. 

This isn’t an accident; nothing ever is. 

Maybe you feel that everything is currently too much? That you are out of balance, there is something not quite right in your body or you have somehow lost your center along the way? 

I understand, I have been there. 

Let’s rewind 10 years.

I was 18 and had just been diagnosed with severe depression, social anxiety & an eating disorder, there’s nothing quite like getting 3 mental health diagnoses before 19.

The next few years are jumbled in my mind.

The gist is something like this: I got better enough to survive, I completed my psychology degree & made it to the “real” world completely lost, hoping that there must be more to this life thing.

After graduating I did what a lot of students do when they want to reinvent themselves, I bought a one-way ticket to Australia. In hindsight, I suppose there was an element of escapism, but this freedom allowed me to really become who I am today. When I left I became obsessed with the concept of “happiness” and whether it was something accessible to me. I began reading everything I could read on nutrition & mental health. I changed my diet & started taking care of myself, maybe for the first time ever.

And guess what? I started feeling better, REALLY better. I still remember calling my mum to tell her that for a whole week I had woken up happy to be alive, and this was HUGE news. Sounds dramatic, and even kind of unbelievable for me now, but that’s honestly where I was then.

In the 5-6 years to follow  I learned a lot.

I now realise to truly heal. We must go deeper than nutrition, and even the physical body. I trained as a holistic nutritionist, a yoga & meditation teacher & as shamanic practitioner. I realised the power of integrative medicine and using a multi-levelled approach to health & healing. We are multi-leveled beings & must be treated this way, because quite frankly, a reductionist approach does not work.

I have become particularly fascinated by the impact of trauma, chronic stress & over-work on the body. This is because my mum became terminally ill during the six years I was on my journey of self-discovery. I became a full-time caregiver & experienced deep loss, all whilst setting up & running my integrative health business.

I have always been a woman who gives, a woman who keeps giving even though her body is screaming, “No!” Maybe you can relate? And eventually it resulted in burnout, hormone havoc & struggling to get my body out of bed. I don’t want you to go through or continue the same scenario. You can get your body back on track before it spirals out of control.

Looking back,  I am extremely grateful for all of the lessons I have learned along the way. Since catching that plane to Australia all of those years ago, life has taught me through direct experience & made me the practitioner I am today. I now understand how we can eat well, sleep well & still feel terrible.

I am extremely aware of the impact that modern living & chronic productivity can have on our bodies. I am extremely passionate about teaching women to reach for their dreams & align with their souls purpose, whilst still maintaining health & vitality. It has a lot to do with balance, boundaries & self-healing. (Yes, to all of you super women out there, you don’t have to constantly give & do too much). I want to teach you how to come back from trauma, chronic stress & over-doing.

You don’t have to feel this way, you deserve joy, you really do.

I consider myself a teacher & an educator. It isn’t enough for me to tell you to do something, I want to tell you why. Because by teaching you, I know you can practice these techniques for life. They will always be there to support you. And maybe one day you will teach a friend & they will teach another, and this is how we rise together. For me that is really accomplishing my soul’s purpose.

In health & healing,


What do our 7 days together look like...

The number 1 secret behind why you are not feeling good · Understanding the impact of stress & trauma on the body

Healing with the breath · An introduction to pranayama

The power of being in your body · An introduction to mindfulness

How changing your perception can transform your life · Practical steps to becoming the conscious creator of your life

The food mood connection · Nutrition as a powerful tool for stress management

Welcome to the energetic · An introduction to chakras

An introduction to energetic medicine & trauma · The shamans way

FREE 30 min session with Jana Alonso

7 videos containing the content of the program that are available for life

Guided Meditations

An introduction to mindfulness, breathwork & energy healing

Practical steps to bring calm & clarity into your life

Daily activities to make the course more than theory & have real life applicability

30 min session with Jana

Supportive facebook community

Concrete framework to focus and bring together your healing journey

How much does the program cost...

The real cost of the program is 497€

But, I understand right now after everything that may not be possible for everyone.

So, I have decided to reduce the price massively, this way it is accessible to ALL of you.

From 497€ to 97€

Yes! That´s right:

80% off.

NB: the offer with the private 1:1 call will only be for a short time as my schedule fills up fast.

The course begins as soon as you sign-up! You choose when you start & finish at a pace that suits you.

Lifetime access guaranteed! As soon as you say yes to your healing, the program is available to you forever on all your devices.

This course has been consciously designed for your satisfaction, if you aren’t feeling satisfied with your purchase, please contact us within 10 days of purchase and you will receive a full refund. 

A Facebook group is established for all the women going through the course. Jana regularly tends to the group. Also, on day 8 of the course you get to book your 30 minute phone session to chat one-on-one with Jana!

The call bookings are managed through Calendly. A Calendly link will be provided to you, where you are able to schedule a call that coincides with the following hours: Monday + Tuesday :11am – 2pm, 3pm – 6pm.

From 497€ to 97€

NB: the offer with the private 1:1 call will only be for a short time as my schedule fills up fast.