1:1 Transformation Process

3 month membership course designed to take you on a deep journey of self-discovery and healing (trauma, chronic stress, relationships & hormones)

Are you hormones all over the place? Do you experience severe PMS & PMDD before your cycle?

Do you fear your cycle, and feel that every month it takes away from your wellbeing?

Have you noticed a slow energy decline and find yourself constantly feeling tired, but wired?

Has your sleeping become irregular & disturbed with waking during the night & never waking up feeling refreshed? 

Lost the joy, laugh less than you used to? Do you laugh less than you used to? You aren’t sure when it happened, but life definitely feels less bright than it used to?

Maybe you have stopped feeling at all? Not sadness, nor joy, not really anything.

Experienced a phase of chronic stress & haven’t felt the same since
Have you experienced a chronic period of stress or trauma and your body doesn’t feel like it used to, but you don’t know how to get your health back?

Are you on the brink of burnout, but terrified of stopping because you have so many things to do? Is your life dictated by a to-do list? Have you forgotten what it is to have fun for the sake of fun?

Repeating detrimental childhood patterns & want to change, but don’t know how.

Are you aware that you are continuously repeating toxic patterns? Do you feel like you’re trapped in your mind, do you really want to break free, but you don’t know how?

When you think about life, do you think: “I thought it would be better than this?” Are you ready to change & get the magic & joy back?

Work has taken over your life & taken a toll on your body

Are you a high achiever with huge goals, who wants to reach for the stars, but knows it’s taking its toll on your body? Do you want to have it all: purpose & health? Do you want to have it all without burning out?

Are you ready to...

– Heal trauma, chronic stress & anxiety, and get your vitality back.

– Balance your hormones & have a regular healthy cycle again

– Create your own bio-individual diet to fit your needs & support your mental health, and potentially dynamic lifestyle.

– Cultivate SPACIOUSNESS in your life & how to live in sync with your cycles

– Release emotions and trauma from the body

– Start your sexual healing journey

– Awaken your sexual energy & cultivate the power of the feminine in to your life (allowing, opening, receiving)

– Observe & pick-up on unhealthy conditioning in your life, and actively change it

– Make unconscious relationship patterns conscious, and step out of drama & codependant relationships

– Use the shamanic archetypes & shamanic medicine in your healing journey

What people are saying…

Four Month Course Content

Month 1 – The Physical

Rituals & routines

Gratitude list


The food mood connection

What is a balanced diet

Myth busting fad diets

Creating your own bio-individual diet

Test results

Time to buy products & make the dietary changes necessary

Generally speaking in our first month we mostly focus on laying the foundations, this looks like rituals & routines, affirmations & understanding how we can create & cultivate our desired reality. These are the seeds we plant at the start that we will see blosooming at the end. For me the work we are doing is like building a house, first we must lay the bricks & create a sturdy framework to do our deeper healing work. 

This month we really focus on creating the foundation for our new house. The intial sessions we be focused around this topic. One session will also be going over your test results & personalised protocal. Depending on what I feel you need, we may also start are energetic work here, we may also explore embodiment & trauma release techniques.

Session 1 – 2/3 hours deep diving into where you are at and what you want to cultivate from this process. A short & simple energetic therapy as well.

Session 2/3/4 – 1 hour. All of your following sessions are intuitively co-created between us both, based on what you and I feel you need.

Month 2 – The Emotional and Mental

Understanding the impact of stress & trauma on the physical body.

How to heal from stress, anxiety & trauma.

Stress stoppers (mindfulness, pranayama, mindfulness, nature connection, channel your creativity & yin yoga)

Doing less as a life style – should vs could & stop/keep/start

The menstrual cycle & stress management / in business & leadership etc

How to heal vagina infections

Understanding the hormonal system & it´s importance in our health.

Sexual healing & de-armouring

Connection with the womb.

What is the divine feminine & masculine energy, and how to activate and balance both. How living more in our feminine can open us up to more abundant (time, joy, love, money etc) living.

All of your following sessions are intuitively co-created between us both, based on what you and I feel you need. We will explore the effects of physicological stress, anxiety & trauma in the body and how we can heal. We will start applying practical tools to help you balance your nervous & hormonal systems. We will also dive into sexual healing & embodiment of the feminine.

This may not be an area you have thought about explore, but I promise you it is one of the greatest discoveries I have made, working with my sexual energy has been not only boosted my vitality, but helped me truly fall in love with myself, create a beautiful business that I am extremely proud of, and even balance my nervous system! We will take everything as slow as you need or desire. In this month we will also do some tremor release & emobodiment sessions to help you work through emotions & trauma from the body.

Month 3 – The Energetic


The drama triangle & Shadow work

Creating a healthy relationship with the Self

(Boundaries, The abandonment wound, Anxious & avoidant attachment, Healing with the inner child)

An intro to shamanism

Chakras & the energetic body

Re-programming the subconscious mind

Fire & forgiveness

Techniques to become the conscious creator of your life

All of your following sessions are intuitively co-created between us both, based on what you and I feel you need. In our third month we dive into deeper energetic work. We explore shamanism and what energy work even is. We look at what trauma is on an energetic level, how we can reprogram our subconscious mind & how we can transform our deepest wounding into an opportunity for healing, which is really a gift. These sessions will be a mix of illuminations, soul retrievals and other energetic processes to help you let go of old patterns, and peal off another layer to a new you.

8 comprehensive modules each teaching the content through videos, audios and PDFs 

A lifetime access to all content

How to heal from stress, anxiety & trauma

How to heal your hormones (reproductive, thyroid & stress)

Integrative nutrition

An introduction to mindfulness

An introduction to pranayama

Cyclical living, how to do less & have more.

Emotional & trauma release

Sexual healing

Conscious relationships

An introduction to energetic medicine

An introduction to shamanism

And introduction to neural reprogramming

….and much more.

Weekly private sessions

2 x Comprehensive Health Analysis 

2 x Personalised protocal to help bring your body back into balance

Daily activities to make the course more than theory & have real life applicability

Concrete framework to focus and bring together your healing journey

I'm ready to invest...

4 sessions p/month for 3 months

Normally = £5000

Today = £2700

Payment plan = £1000 per month

2 sessions p/month for 6 months

Normally = £5000

Today = £3000

Payment plan = £550 per month 

2 sessions p/month for 3 months

Normally = £5000

Today = £1500

Payment plan = £600 per month

At your own pace (no sessions)

Normally = £2000

Today = £900

Payment plan = £300 per month

When the first, or total, payment is made you will receive an email within 24 hours with your login details & information on how to start the process. Jana will then get in contact to organise your first call & start date.

No, this course is designed for anyone who wants to dive into integrative health. Trauma is something that affects every single one of us, whether we are aware of it or not, as does the modern busy lifestyle. Janas teaches you how to bring your body back to health, and vitality and initiates you on a deep journey of self-discovery that is profitable for anyone willing to look inside.

Lifetime access guaranteed! As soon as you say yes to your healing, the program is available to you forever on all your devices.

This course has been consciously designed for your satisfaction, if you aren’t feeling satisfied with your purchase, please contact us within 10 days of purchase and we will talk about ways to better your experience. No refund policy.

If you are having private sessions with Jana you will have a private chat to communicate, and a calendly link to set up your calls. If you are doing the course at your pace you can email her on jana.bartlett@icloud.com and she will get back to you as soon as possible.


The call bookings are managed through Calendly. A Calendly link will be provided to you, where you are able to schedule a call that coincides with the following hours: Monday + Tuesday :11am – 2pm, 3pm – 6pm. You will also have a private chat with Jana where you can discuss your sessions & book in calls if necessary.

Jana is a English-Spanish chronic stress, trauma & mental health specialist. She has spent the last 9 years studying & working with mental health, in particular how to come back from chronic stress, anxiety and trauma. She has trained and is qualified in psychology, advanced nutrition, yoga & shamanic medicine. Her journey started when she was diagnosed with severe depression, social anxiety & an eating disorder in 2011. After 3 years of following conventional advice, finishing her psychology degree & taking medication she decided to take things into her own hands. This was, and still is, the best decision she has ever made.

The 7 years following this she realised to truly heal, we must go deeper than psychology, nutrition, and even the physical body. She trained as a holistic nutritionist, a yoga & meditation teacher & as shamanic practitioner. She realised the power of integrative medicine and using a multi-levelled approach to health & healing. She believes that are multi-leveled beings & must be treated this way, because quite frankly, a reductionist approach does not work. This is what she teaches clients, students (at the university where she teaches) & other practitioners. Jana teaches that health is physical, emotional, mental & energetic, and to cultivate change in our lives & health we must explore all of these planes.

Her primary fascination is trauma, chronic stress & over-work on the body. This is because she has been through all three and it resulted in burnout, hormone havoc & struggling to get out of bed. She knows what it is like when you feel like you are fighting against your body everyday and is extremely aware of the impact that modern living & chronic productivity can have on our bodies. She is extremely passionate about teaching women to reach for their dreams & align with their souls purpose, whilst still maintaining health & vitality. It has a lot to do with balance, boundaries & self-healing. (Yes, to all of you super women out there, you don’t have to constantly give & do too much). She wants to teach you how to come back from trauma, chronic stress & over-doing. 

This membership course is designed for you ladies, you ladies who want to bring your body back to health. Who are sick of surviving & are ready to feel joy & energy again. You women who are ready to learn how & why trauma/stress affects us. You women who have imbalanced hormones & know there must be a better way. This is a deep initiation into integrative health & knowing yourself & your body. It is far more than a new fad diet or another 7-day instagram challenge. It is an introduction to the most effective practices around health & healing. This is the information that brought her body back to health, and the information that we will take you on a deep journey of self-discovery & healing.


Training and Experience

Bsc psychology
SNHS Dip. Advanced Nutrition
200hr Yoga Teacher
Shamanic Practioner
Other trainings in: relationships, embodiment, energetic medicine & trauma release.