Jana Alonso

Jana teaches people to become self-healers and alchemists of their existence, so they can transform their pain into pleasure, trauma into triumph, and blockages into blessings.

She believes that only by shedding and facing our wounds, that we can rise and create the authentic lives that we truly desire.

Jana is an English-Spanish chronic stress, trauma and mental health specialist. She has spent the last 9 years studying and working with mental health, in particular how to come back from chronic stress, anxiety and trauma. She has trained and is qualified in psychology, advanced nutrition, yoga and shamanic medicine. Her journey started when she was diagnosed with severe depression, social anxiety and an eating disorder in 2011. After 3 years of following conventional advice, finishing her psychology degree and taking medication she decided to take things into her own hands. This was, and still is, the best decision she has ever made.

The 7 years following this she realised to truly heal, we must go deeper than psychology, and truly connect with our body. She trained in integrative nutrition, yoga, meditation, trauma release, embodiment and shamanism. She realised the power of integrative medicine and using a multi levelled approach to health and healing. She believes that we are multi levelled beings and must be treated this way, because quite frankly, a reductionist approach does not work. This is what she teaches clients, students (at the university where she teaches) and other practitioners. Jana understands that healing is a journey of self-discovery, radical honesty, vulnerability and deep self-compassion. This journey begins when you stop looking outside yourself for healing or blame, and start taking responsibility for your life and health. She understands this is a lifelong journey that she wants to initiate you on.

Her primary fascination is trauma, chronic stress and over-work on the body. This is because she has been through all three that resulted in burnout, hormone havoc and struggling to get out of bed. She knows what it is like when you feel like you are fighting against your body everyday and is extremely aware of the impact that modern living and chronic productivity can have on our bodies. She is extremely passionate about teaching women to reach for their dreams and align with their souls purpose, whilst still maintaining health and vitality. It has a lot to do with balance, boundaries and self-healing. (Yes, to all of you super women out there, you don’t have to constantly give and do too much). Trauma affects us all, whether we know it or not, it underpins everything; how we perceive the world, our relationships and what we think is possible in our life. Going back and doing the trauma work stops us being stuck in repetitive patterns that don’t serve us and helps us break free to create a new reality, a new story.

This is designed as a course for people who are wanting to take their healing deeper and really know themselves, but also for people who work within integrative health who keep finding dead ends when working with their clients. She used to always feel that she was building a puzzle, but missing a piece. She didn’t know what the piece was until she started working from all four bodies (physical, emotional and mental, the soul’s body and the energetic), here things started making sense, here she started seeing real results. So she put it all together for you all, 10 years worth of experience, of practice and training. This is her gift to you, and will be your gift to others. We become healers by walking the same path and leading by example.

In love and healing

Jana Alonso

Integrative Health Expert